Friday, 20 June 2014


I love strawberries, but I really hate picking them. There isn't a point to this, I just needed to vent
The boss is away so YAY!!! more hours, unfortunately that also means less stitching, I won't even be able to join tomorrows hangout till late afternoon.
However, despite the less stitching time, I did manage to finish my little Springtime Bunny, I loved this pattern, she is so cute and now I want to get pretty fabric and stitch the other three, don't let me near Nordic Needle until the feeling passes.
I did get some done on the tractor and Cindy though, in fact I think I finished #762
And my stitching was stitched to
Merlin S04 E08-12

Robotech : The Macross Saga  E06-16

Game of Thrones S04 E09-10 Another brilliant season over, can’t wait for next year.

Back to Hannibal - The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn - I love Tom
and Huck, they are some of my favorite books, which is why I tend to be disappointed in the movies. But this one is fun and takes place 15 years after the books, when newspaperman Huck and Lawyer Tom go back home to help Jim, who has been accused of murdering Becky Thatcher’s husband, it’s all fairly predictable, but also enjoyable.

Maleficent - The original Disney Sleeping Beauty is one of my all time favorite movies, at least in part because of how good a villain Maleficent is.  So I was both looking forward to and a bit wary of this movie, I didn’t want my childhood ruined  (no that’s not a melodramatic statement at all), but I very much wanted to see Angelina Jolie play this role. I’m not a huge fan of hers but she was perfect for the role. And I was happy with how it was done, different enough from the first to make it an independent movie, but with enough little nods to the original to make me happy.

Beyond the Edge - I’m not sure how to describe a Warren Miller movie unless you've seen them,  there are hoards of them and I watched all the yearly skiing ones form the late 80’s and all through the 90’s.  After that Warren turned the narration and writing over to his son and Bode Miller, while they still have amazing scenery, the main reason why this non-skier loves the movies, they are now lacking Warren’s dry wit and deadpan delivery.

Batman Begins - The best part of these last series of Batman movies is the absolutely perfect casting of Michael Caine as Alfred.


  1. First of I have to say Michael Caine is my favorite part of the Batman movies. Love that guy!! :)

    Now that that is out of the way, I'm glad you got a finish this week too ^_^ I'm hoping to go see Maleficent tomorrow so I'll be late to the hangout as well since we are going to an afternoon showing. Thomas finally picked a time to take me as I've been after him for a while now ;) I was never a huge fan of Sleeping Beauty, well it wasn't my favorite, probably because as a kid the part when Maleficent turns into a dragon kinda scared me a bit. But she's my favorite Disney Villain (if I had to pick on) because of that fact. Also, slightly surprised a Disney film had a character say 'hell' in it...dunno why but that always surprised me as a kid. Probably because I associated that with a 'bad word' and Disney films weren't supposed to have 'bad words' in them. *shrug* I was little and that was my logical thinking at the time.

    Oh well, looking forward to more progress on Cindy and hopefully you're done with that pale grey for a while. :)

    1. I think that is why Sleeping Beauty is a favorite, the other movies have decent evil villains, but Maleficent was truly scary, and that dragon scene is still amazing, even now. And yes it did have a level of maturity that the earlier ones didn't. Hmmmm, I don't usually analyze my tastes that much.
      And given Leonore can't make hangout, you're going to be late, and I'm going to be even later, I think we should have another hangout fairly soon.

  2. I still have a pinch of 762 left over from Flowers, but only because my ugly, but very comfy brown sweater loves to grab gobs of floss and carry it around! I'm thinking you will need more than a pinch to continue, but thought I'd offer ha ha!

    So now I have your input on the M movie and tomorrow we shall get Krystals in put and if Leonore sees it we shall have hers. I am seriously curious now, and may not wait for all voices to be heard to see the movie. Oh and will you go over to Nordic Needle and check some stuff out real quick?

    tee hee

    1. I still have a lot of 762 to go, but not until I get to the next page I hope.
      And nope, no shopping for me, I shall resist. at least stitching wise. Amazon might be another story, Chris Hadfield has a book coming out it October, I talked Mom into giving it to me for Christmas, but I still have to order it, and then find something else to get for the free shipping to take effect, and I can't decide what I want...... Cause I want everything.

  3. Beautiful finish, and nice progress. Looks like you'll have another finish soon! :) I really wanna go and see Malificent, but then there is also How to tame your dragon 2 wanting to be watched...hmmmm