Monday, 23 June 2014

IHSW June, part 2

I was very late to the chat on Saturday, but still got in a good visit, stuff was discussed, but very little stitching done.  Then just as I'm going to bed Saturday night, I get an invitation to my brother's house for Sunday supper, seems his step-son's family is going to be there.  Well this is the nephew whose son that I'm stitching the tractor for. And I have the brief thought that if I stitch like mad after work, I may be able to finish it and give to them that night.  Nope. Didn't happen. Didn't even get the nap I wanted either.  However, one day late I did finish it. Now it will sit in the gift closet until they are back or my sister-in-law goes up to visit them. The kid is already a year old, a little longer won't hurt.

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  1. Better late than never? Im sure they will be back before too long!!