Thursday, 20 August 2015

Catching Up

I’ve been really bad a keeping this blog the last month, I blame summer busyness and will try to do better in the fall. I have given up on the idea of putting Cindy in the fair, she just won’t be ready in time, I have sent Music to a framer and it MIGHT be ready in time for the fair and if not I can fall back on Future cast (Pitaya) she’s small, but she knows kung fu. Cindy will hit the fair next year. I have been working on her and she’s looking great. But all that backstitching is going to take awhile.
I’ve missed two WIPocalypse questions in my lull,
July 2nd: Reality or Fantasy. Which do you prefer to stitch? Figures or Abstract? I prefer stitching fantasy pictures, not so much with reality or abstract designs, though I have both that I love, so it does come down to what I’m feeling like doing for a long time as I do love my BAPs. In fact the next big one I start will probably be a fractal design, though there is a little sea monster that wants to budge ahead in line.
July 31st What makes you pick up a long-abandoned UFO rather than beginning a new piece?  I don’t actually have abandoned projects,
This weekend I’ll be starting the Frosted Pumpkin Halloween design as a SAL with the NCCIH girls , Leonore, Carla and I are doing the same piece and Magical and Ashely are joining in with other Halloween realted things, one of the fabrics I got from the Silkweavers fabric of the month is going to be perfect for it.

As for what I watched, my nephew has moved in for a couple months which has put a kink in my movie project as he has taken over the room I watch the DVD’s in, so I’m relying on Netflix for my entertainment, I can sneak in a couple DVD’s when he’s at work though, also he is teaching me to play Magic the Gathering so less is being watched (and stitched) anyway

Glee S05 E03-20 And unfortunately Netflix  does not have season 6,

Titansgrave - This RPG show was amazing, better than most things on TV and they have announced that there will be a second season

Doctor Who S06 E01-E09

The Guild - Felicia Day’s web series about  online gamers who meet up and become friends outside of the game, it very sweet

La  Grande Boucle - A French movie about a guy who rides one day ahead of the Tour De France

Code Breaker - A very interesting documentary about Alan Turing.

Chronicle - For a low budget sci-fi this wasn’t  bad, though I do hate the hand held camera fad the movies have been doing, it constrains the story too much, and leads to having to always explain why the person is carrying around a camera.

View From the Top - Just a cute unassuming rom/com about following your dreams and finding out dreams can shift along the way.


  1. Great progress on Cindy, and I'm really looking forward to our Halloween SAL! I'll have to check out the Code Breaker Documentary, as I find Turing kind of fascinating.

    1. SAL is started and I already love the pattern, it's so fun.