Saturday, 5 November 2016


As promised, I decided to do a few small things before starting my next BAP.  Given the time of year it should come as no surprise that I'm making ornaments.  First up, a little Dala horse.
Approx 4"x 4" on 14ct perforated paper
Three floss colours and 5 bead colours
Started designing October 26th, not sure when I started actually stitching it. Finished November 3rd
I made this one for an entry into the Stitching Pirates Tiny Toys contest, as I judge I can't win, but it's fun to participate. When  I decided to "enter" the contest, these little horses came to mind, with a Swedish Father they are all around the house and I played with them when I was a kid, so I went looking for patterns, there are quite a few and I liked none of them, so I made my own.  Dad has already claimed this one and asked when I will do a blue one to go with it.

As for what I watched - it will return next blog

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  1. It's lovely when family is passionate about what we do! Great little horse, I fully agree there should be a blue one as well!