Saturday, 29 April 2017

April WIPocalypse

It's a great end of the month for me, but first the WIPocalypse question for April, This month the question is:

What projects are in your UFO pile?

I know this may sound strange to a lot of you, but I don't have any UFO's I don't put anything aside, ever, I just work on my two projects at a time until somethings done and then move on to the next.

And speaking of being done, look at this lovely thing, this will become a pillow fairly soon and was done specifically with the fair in mind as they have asked for Canadiana things, I have this and hopefully will have the Vimy Ridge Sampler, that I will start tomorrow, done in time as well

The fractal is also coming along nicely, haven't quite finished the next page, but I'm getting close.

As for what I watched

Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top

Death Note E06-09

The Men’s World Curling Championships - Yay Canada, between the men and the women, undefeated in 26 games in a row at the worlds this year..

Supernatural S12 E11-18 Almost caught up again.

Escape - E1-9  A online show that puts celebrities in an Escape room, I binged this in about 2 days, so much fun.

Beauty and the Beast - The new one, and I think I may prefer it to the animated one, It follows the same story, far closer than any of the other remakes, but what tips the scales for me was Luke Evans’ portrayal of Gaston, he’s far less comical here but just as evil makes for a much better bad guy.

War of the Worlds - This version is from Asylum productions and comes with the bad dialogue and gaping plot holes that you’d expect from an Asylum movie, but the aliens were well done and it was fun, which is all you can really ask

Thumbelina - I have never seen this one before, I only own it because it came in a two pack with Anastasia, but it’s a lovely little story,  and  a good way to spend a couple hours.

Thank You For Smoking - A dark satire about a lobbyist for Big Tobacco. I originally saw this by accident then went back the next time and paid for it.  It’s so darkly hilarious.

Time Machine - The Rod Taylor version, far superior to all others in my mind, including the book


  1. Your stitching is lovely. Looking forward to seeing the progress on the fractal.

  2. What a great finish. It looks so stunning on that fabric! Fractal is coming along nicely as well. I do admire you for not having any UFOs lying around!