Friday, 11 April 2014

Always Remember Work = Stash

It's been one of those weeks, it was supposed to be quiet, 3 days off, and off at noon on the days I worked.  Lots of time for stitching and watching and just enjoying the fact that it actually felt like spring. New guy had talked his way back in, so I had less hours. and then he didn't show up again on Saturday and is now gone for good (happy dance ensued) Of course that means hours went up, but still off no later than 1, and then got a couple hours added to catch up to what got missed do to the former new guy, and then co-worker got the chance to go to Vegas if she left the next day, so I got a couple more hours from her, and Mom wanted to go shopping, and then Dad needed me to drive him somewhere, and and and...... the result was only one afternoon that was truly free for getting really ensconced into the comfy stitching chair.
But all that work does mean more stash money, or possibly Cirque du Soliel
Cindy as she is now
And got some done on the little bookmark too.
Even my what I watch suffered this week, also is it wrong that I want to go buy The Avengers tomorrow just because I'm almost at the end of "A" so I'd be able to watch it immediately without deviating from my project. The sale at Walmart is pathetic but still the cheapest I've seen it.  Why won't this move come on sale, if I get it tomorrow on SALE, it will still be $5 more that I just paid for Frozen

Merlin S01 E06. Now finished the third magical poisoning, can we get another plot now

Noah  - Well the good thing is that the flood was really cool to watch, and the bad thing, was really the rest of the movie

West Wing S05E13-16

Game of Thrones S04E01 - FINALLY

Anne of Green Gables - I love this adaptation, so quintessentially Canadian, love the books, love the show,  love the scenery, love the actors, just love this all over


  1. How can we fit Vikings into your A list? A Vikings? Awesome Vikings? Hmmmm, I'm glad you watched Noah, I was wondering if that was worth the effort or not. Now I understand your post about yaaaaaarrrrrrgggggg! Makes perfect sense. I have a feeling you have had thoughts of a small place by the lake all to yourself......I could be wrong :D

    1. Vikings is on the alternate in front of the computer list, and I have watched the first ep, and I bow to your (and Donna's) opinion, most enjoyable. Small place but the lake, that would be nice, or even better, a private cove on the ocean. Or a cruise to the Antarctic. Hmmmm that escalated quickly.

    2. A nice little side trip to the fjords of Scandinavia? Would this be before or after Las Vegas, Antarctica, and the "retreat" at that lovely hotel you recommended for the artists week? Our list gets ever longer and these haven't touched on the rest of the list!!

  2. I looked and it said the show was filmed in Ireland, but that is not Irish scenery, looks a LOT like our B.C. Fjords, and it is partly a Canadian production so they might have grabbed so stock shots from here. or Norway doesn't really matter it's gorgeous.
    And I'd love to go to Scandinavia, I have relatives I could visit there.