Friday, 4 April 2014

And Now.... April

Sports are over until July, I can relax now...... and do taxes. Mine are done, Mom's are easy, but Dad's with the farm are a pain in the posterior.
Also Safeways switchover to Sobey's technology  has started, and we were given all new codes to make labels with.  Most of the switchover is awesome, but the codes are written so tiny no one can read them, and they aren't in a particular order, and they are missing a lot of things. I can't change what's missing, but I can rewrite them all to a decent size and order. So taxes and codes, that's been my week when I'm not at work

Don't despair, got a lot of stitching done as well, but first the good news I GOT MY SWORDS.  Now the pics of all the bookmarks are up all over the place so I'll just put up the complete finally finished set and the one the shows the sword best, and bonus there were 10 in the pack so I have a spare for myself. To see them each individually they are on my Deviant Art page here 

I also started and finished a little biscornu that I had to make so that Carla would stop worrying about me stabbing myself. I found the pattern for this little froggie here
And yes these are all taken on my cross stitch photo rock, it's free of snow finally.
Progress was also made on Cindy, though one day was spent putting the biscornu and bookmarks together. Also back to the sea of 1/4 stitch so slightly slower going for a bit.
And I had to start a new backup as well, can't be a big one as I have a pattern for a birth record arriving next week so I started another bookmark, much less to this one though

As for what I watched this week

Teen Wolf  S03 E24 - That’s it for season 3, very enjoyable, looking forward to 4

Merlin  S01 E3-6    I remember now why I didn't get far in this the last time I tried to watch it. 3 of the first 6 episodes are about people being magically poisoned.  Hope they get over that trend.

The West Wing S05 E02-12

Amélie - When I think about this movie after not watching it for a while I always think of a sweet little romantic comedy. And then I watch it and remember how truly strange it is, but in a good way.  Also it’s impossible to stitch though, very visual plus subtitles

Anastasia - As a movie it has a fairly predictable story and decent but not spectacular visuals, but oh the music is glorious.

Alegria - Live in Sydney  - I had Alegria on VHS but when pulling out all the A’s I discovered it was no longer there, I had a friend that liked to “borrow” things without telling me, I assume that’s where it went. So a bought the DVD. This however is not the same production that the VHS one was, same music and characters, but different acts. The downside, I loved the original, the upside, this is from the same production I saw in Calgary, so lots of good memories, just wish I had both

7 Up - I used to subscribe to Entertainment Weekly Magazine and that’s where I first heard about this British documentary series. I always wanted to see them but had no idea where to find them.  They are now on Netflix.. This is the first where they interview twenty 7 year old children from all walks of life. The series has a new show following the same kids every 7 years, I believe they are up to 56 Up. 

Life in a…..Metro - The best part of Netflix?  Bollywood.

Divergent - Crap, that was good, now I’ll have to buy the books.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the finishes...I am not sure if I could have liked, faved or loved them more :D I'm sorry you are finally undergoing the change from Safeway to "new guy" company. Luckily you are smart and will get if figured out and squared away.

    The Divergent series audible books....I WANT. :D

    1. Yeah, think I may get the books in the next day or two, see if Walmart has them for a discount, they used to. The switchover is a good thing really. We used to be the only grocery store in town that wasn't Canadian and now we are, so that's cool. Also it looks like they are planning on putting money into the store instead of shutting it down which we were all worried about, so some tiny unorganized writing is easy to put up with.

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