Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sports fanatic

July is a busy month for me, though most of it involves being lazy watching TV.  Work is steady as everyone else is going on vacation so more hours for me (I take mine in June and September).  But it’s all about watching sports for the next two weeks, I am a fanatic about the Tour de France, which is shown live, which means 5am or earlier starts, which means me going to bed early, even on my days off.  And if that wasn’t enough , the PanAm games have started and I love watching multi sport games. The result is stitching has slowed down immensely, you can’t look at the French scenery if you are stitching.
Of course July means fire season around here and this year has been a particularly bad one, luckily none close by, but we are still getting inundated with smoke, bad for lungs, good for sunrises.

I do hope to finish music next week and will put up the pic then,
I am getting really close to finishing the cross stitch part of Cindy, but am beginning to doubt I’ll finish it in time to get it framed for the fair, it might  have to be next years entry, I’ll have to figure out a replacement piece if I’m right.

As for what I watched
Doctor Who S05 E05-E09
Glee S04 E04 to S05 E02

The Tour De France - My usual July obsession, can only stitch during commercials or I might miss something.

The Pan American Games - GO CANADA

Volcanoes of the Deep - A nature documentary about the hydrothermic animals that live in deep sea volcanic fumes.  One of the ones James Cameron made with the money he made from Titanic,  A great show but too pretty to stitch to.

V For Vendetta - This is a rare movie that I prefer the movie to the book.  I
loved the comic, more so than The Watchmen actually. The world the writers built is fantastic, but the comic got bogged down in details a lot and the movie streamlined the whole thing without losing the plot or feel, Evey is also a lot less gullible in the movie but that’s probably just because of the attitude shift of the world between then and now.

Inside Out - The latest one from Pixar and up to their usual standards, it was funny and sweet and well done.

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  1. Wow, Cindy is SO CLOSE now! Doesn't look like you slowed down much at all. Inside Out sounds like fun, I'll have to watch that one soonish.