Friday, 26 June 2015

SFS June

SFS June

Spent $13.61
Finished $0

It’s hot out, I hate heat and would like to spend all of summer hibernating in the cool basement stitching, unfortunately I need to work to pay for stuff and I work in a hot bakery.  Heat make my sleepy achy and cranky, and at the moment cranky is winning.  I had reached an equilibrium at work with my boss, he annoys me greatly but after a year with him I have learned to deal by maintaining calm or ignoring him when possible.  The heat has been making this very hard for me. Hopefully he takes lots of holidays this summer.

I still have some reorganizing to do in my NCC but I did get the cabinet the way I wanted it, Printer on top, fabric on the open shelf, the boxes contain scraps, and notions and partially made ornaments
The enclosed bottom contains all my books, magazines and kits, the Mines of Moria box contains unbobbinated floss and I will soon have a lovely nautical box that will be perfect for the hoops, I think there is room for it under there.

It’s the final SFS for this edition,
I spent $77.86
I earned $12
Which meant I had $84.18 remaining of my $150 budget. Yay me.
There is a lovely LNS in Williams Lake that actually carries some different fabrics, didn’t need much, but I found a nice length of cream 25ct so I will finally get to try that size and I also got myself another couple sheet of perforated paper, can’t wait to try it.

Now onto the next 6 months, where I will do nowhere near as well, as there are patterns I promised to buy (cause they are gorgeous) and I will in the next six months need to get some 18ct black big enough for the fractal pattern I will be starting after I finish Cindy. In this SFS six month period I have had all of 2 finishes, that will not be the case for the next 6 months as I will be doing all of Magical’s ornaments.
And will finish Music
And Cindy.

As for what I watched

Doctor Who - S05 E01- 04  Hello Matt Smith

Glee S02 E20-22 S04 E01-03  Have now reached where I stopped watching originally, it seems to be sticking as a binge watch this time

V: The Final Battle - The second miniseries form 1984 and the finale of the
story. I choose to ignore the not bad but not great TV series that followed and the boring remake from a couple years ago,  Despite the age this show holds up, my only complaint is the fast growing alien child story line, something I’ve always hated

Victor/Victoria - I adore Julie Andrew and this one is hilarious as well as having fantastic music,  It’s about a women, pretending to be a man, pretending to be a women. What could go wrong.

Varsity Blues - I am a huge fan of Dawson’s Creek and sports movies, so
even though this is a football movie it is still a must watch and own for me.  It’s funny, at the time, James Vamderbeek and John Voight, where the big(ish) name stars with a bunch of the standard  unknowns playing pretty/handsome highschoolers, those unknows (at the time) where Paul Walker, Scott Caan from Hawaii 5-0, Amy Smart from Justified and Shameless, and Ali Larter from Heroes. The backup cast for this movie did well for themselves.

Jurassic World - In a word: Fun, just what you would expect from a Jurassic movie including the mind blowing score, I admit to tearing up a little at the main theme, it’s so gorgeous.

Varekai - Cirque Du Soleil - I’ve seen 7 Cirque shows live, Varekai is the only
one I’ve seen twice though, so it’s always nice to pull out the DVD and enjoy it again.


  1. So much goodness here I don't know where to begin! Music is coming along beautifully, and OMG Cindy is stitches away from a page finish and Victor Victoria EXCELLENT, AND why do alien children grow so quickly?

    What can I say about Cirque du Soleil that hasn't already been said a million times? SO AWESOME!

    1. I don't know, but it's a fantasy/sci-fi/horror trope that I despise. It always seems like lazy writing to my, like they wanted that person pregnant but didn't know what to do with the baby once it arrived.

  2. Hi Nancy. Great job on sticking to the budget. I have a question for you - what is the name of the LNS in Kelowna? I will coming out from Maryland for a family reunion in Vernon 7/9 - 7/12 and would love to find a LNS to visit. I have been a fellow SFSer since the beginning, but I don't have a blog. I'd appreciate any info / suggestions you can give me. Thanks.

    1. The one I didn't get to is Hummingbird Cottage Crafts They seem to have very flexible hours and are not in town, I'd recommend phoning before you go, which is what I should have done. There is another store downtown Kelowna that carries some supplies

    2. Thanks. Maybe I'll get to check them both out on our way up to Vernon from Vancouver. Do you recommend any must see places or shops in Vancouver? I will be there part of the 13th and most of the 14th since my flight home doesn't leave until after 11pm.

    3. I haven't actually looked in Vancouver much usually there with friends who aren't stitchers, though there is a great bead store on Granville Island.

  3. Hooray for surviving SFS! You did so very well again, You stitching is coming along great - what did you do to Music, it looks so different then the last time I saw it! And Cindy seems to have had a huge growth spurt as well.

  4. I'm so close to finishing Music that I prioritized it a bit. Hope to finish this week

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