Thursday, 4 June 2015

June (and May) WIPocalypse

Oops I missed WIPocalypse last month, so I shall combine the two months
May question: I would like to know if you look for LNS’s when you travel.  What is the favourite shop you’ve ever found?

For me it depends on the trip, if I’m going to be alone I’ll usually look stores up, but with friends I seldom do. Though if I spot one, I will drag them in. The best I’ve found was in Williams Lake, but a all around fabric craft store but actually had some different fabrics and patterns, and I will be hitting it again this weekend\

June question : Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

Winter usually, I generally have less hours at work in winter allowing myself more stitching time,  also July has the Tour de France which is impossible to stitch during due to all the beautiful scenery they show.

The blog is a day early this week as I’m once again going away for the weekend, this time to William’s Lake for my nephew’s grad, might try a waterfall stop at some point as well, but I’ll definitely be taking pics of pretty dresses.

Cindy is still going really well and it seems like a good time for a full shot of her.
And I’m back on track with Music, which will be coming with me.

As for what I watched
Game of Thrones S05 E04-08 Caught up again

Table Top

American Ninja Warrior - I can’t help myself

San Andreas - Yay!! New big screen disaster movie, there really isn’t enough of these.  This was a good one, has all the normal clichés, but avoided the one where people are idiots. The people that didn’t know what they were doing, listened to the ones that did. Good special effect and the mandatory things that must be destroyed
were destroyed in fine fashion.

Cowboys and Aliens - I want to like this one more than I do, but I think it will end up with Mom, in I like some westerns but mainly the more lighthearted ones, This isn’t one of them, it’s  a serious western where the bad guys happen to be aliens, interesting premise, but doesn’t quite work for me.

Tomorrowland -  On the other hand this one I really enjoyed, I had to go see it as some of it was filmed around 20km from here and it was fun seeing the local scenery, but it was also a good and original story line as well. Also it never hurts my feeling to watch George Clooney 

Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course - This was made due to the popularity of Steve Irwin and it’s hilarious. Three story lines collide at the end, one is a group of American Spy trying to retrieve some valuable space debris (that get swallowed by a crocodile, two is a farmer trying to protect her cows, and the third it Steve Irwin but done just as his show was,


  1. Cindy...ALMOST done with full stitches! We should all celebrate together on that last page finish before you start the one over one and backstitching! She is worthy of many celebrations. Music is looking beautiful and I'm sure glad you are back on track with that after having the "incident" that hindered you briefly.

    I will now have to check out San Andreas but I'm more interested in Tomorrowland...haven't heard of it but think it might be worth a watch :D

    1. DISASTER MOVIE!!! It's a must (for me) But yes Tomorrowland was also really good

  2. Cindy is looking great! Getting closer to the end every day :D I'm glad Music got fixed and is back on track - it was naughty to misbehave the way it did!

    I agree Cowboys and Aliens was a bit odd to watch - mentally merging high tech with "cowboys and Indians" type western did my head in for a part of the film. I'm waiting for Tomorrowland to be on IMAX - not much longer now but I'm glad you enjoyed it - means I'm more confident I will too :)

    1. I just wanted C & A to be better, It should have been

  3. Cindy and music are both looking great! I'm looking forward to the progress you'll be making during your staycation ^_^

    1. Got a lot done on Music, it was a good stitching weekend