Friday, 12 June 2015


This last week I have been on holidays and one of my grand plans for it was to organize my stash better, that hasn’t quite worked out as planned.
Last weekend my parents and I went up to William’s Lake to visit my sister and watch my nephew
Nerd nephew and his dayt
graduate, he’s the one that usually comes up to pick fruit in the summer and we get along great, he won’t be up this year as he needs a steadier job as he goes to college in the fall, so I’ll miss him this summer, on the other hand, his school is in Kelowna, which isn’t that far away, so I’ll get to visit him. We ended up staying an extra day as my sister had Monday off as well, so we all went off for a long back roads drive and found a couple waterfalls and a gorgeous lake.
Crooked Lake
Since I got back I’ve been cleaning out the cabinet I want to store my fabric in, but it has all my CD’s in it, which first have to be transferred to my computer, hope to finish that project tonight. I did manage to snaffle a small book case that had 8track tapes on it and put it to a more properly booky use.  Has nothing to do with stitching, but it freed up much needed space.

I took Music to William’s Lake with me and got plenty done on it while chatting with my sister.
And the last couple days have worked pretty steady on Cindy.

As for what I watched
Table Top - All caught up on the rewatch now I have to impatiently wait for new ones 

Titansgrave - The Ashes of Valkana - Another Youtube show from Wil Wheaton, similar set up to table top but instead it’s an ongoing RPG
Glee Somewhere in season 2 - I’m back to this for a while, until I get tired of it again.

Doctor Who - S04 E15-18 - Goodbye David Tennet 

The Fluffy Movie - A film of a live stage performance from the comedian Fluffy, he’s pretty funny
V - The original 80’s mini series one of my all time favourite sci-fi shows. The visitors are our friends (not)


  1. I would like to go to Crooked Lake, and then to ANY waterfalls to and from Crooked Lake, and then I feel a strong urge to hug Cindy...she's looking entirely too fabulous...and OMG Music!

    Anything Fluffy is hilarious! And V! I was looking for that on Netflix AND Prime and nothing. I was sad and it's funny that you have it in your wonder no one else gets to watch it. Question: Did the show just stop or does it have a lovely grand ending?

    1. There are two miniseries that make the whole show, I'm watching the second now, and it ends with a satisfying conclusion, but they were so popular that a series was made lasted about a year and it wasn't bad but didn't live up to the promise of the original. Then a couple years ago they decided to remake it (as they seem to do with everything) but unfortunately it wasn't that well done and rather boring, I heard it got better, but I had given up on it by then, It only lasted a year I think, and that one is on our Netflix, so I might end up watching the whole thing eventually

  2. I'm glad you had a lovely vacation. Your stitching progress looks lovely :)