Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Month for Concerts

It’s been a really busy week work wise with only one day off, but I managed to hibernate that one day and stitch like mad. I also went to a concert last night, a fiddler by the name of Scott Woods who does East Coast and old time country music.  He builds his shows to cater to seniors but I love good fiddle music, also he’s a favourite of my parents.  He seems to come around every year at this time and tickets are inexpensive so his show makes a perfect mother’s day/father’s day gift.
So I went to two OneRepublic and Scott Woods different concerts this month, with a vast difference in scope and style I didn’t take either of these videos and the Scott Woods one is from a few years ago, but it does show the type of concert he puts on.

And what can I say about OneRepublic other than best concert ever.

I don't have a pic of Music this week, though I worked on it all through Jeopardy, unfortuantly I spent two episode ripping as I discovered a mistake I couldn't work around, so while much was done, no progress was made.
Cindy however grew wonderfully

As for what I watched, not much but I made good use of my time.

Doctor Who  S04 E10-14 Post Donna, pre Amy

Table Top

The Core - The earth’s core has stopped spinning causing a breakdown of the electro-magnetic fields so a group of scientists take a ship to the middle of the earth to use nuclear explosions to restart the core,  the usual disaster movie clichés abound, which of course makes me very happy,.

The Corpse Bride. - A young man practicing his vows accidentally marries a dead girl who is thrilled to finally be a bride. I think this is my favourite Tim Burton movie, it’s sweet  and funny and the animation is wonderful


  1. that tap dancer has some crazy spaghetti legs! Love fiddle music and obviously well worth it...jelly on the second concert!

    Cindy is soooo close....I'm having strange almost done anticipation tingles watching you get the final page finished....and then the 1 over 1 and the back is going to be GLORIOUS and very very SOON!

    1. I actually have a stitch in the bottom right hand corner, a sure sign I'm on the home stretch.

  2. Yay for concerts, and Cindy really IS getting so very close now - I can't wait to see the remainder be filled in ^_^