Friday, 8 May 2015

Vancouver holiday

Vancouver at night
Not much stitching in this stitching blog this week.  I had a wonderful five days away in Vancouver with my best friend instead. Technically I went for the OneRepublic concert but as  luck would have it, it was also the opening weekend of Avengers, and the weekend of the Eat!Vancouver food festival.
I left on Thursday to mediocre weather, but the rest of the weekend was spectacular, met Aaron in Metrotown and did a bit of shopping and then over to Ikea for some more, and that was almost all the shopping I did. We then walked all over downtown while waiting for his friend to get off work as he was coming to the movie with us as well, Aaron had bought advance tickets in a theatre with assigned seating, which is the best thing ever. Also the movie was great.
On Friday we went wandering, first to Grandville Island as I needed
View from Cypress
to go to the bead shop , where I did find what will be the finishing touches on Magical's ornaments. And then we went wherever he felt like taking me. We went up to
Porteau Cove
the viewpoint on Cypress mountain, over to the Porteau Cove on the sunshine coast and then down to White Rock to walk the beach, before going to supper at My Shanti, an Indian restaurant we’ve been talking about going to for a year, it’s listed as one of the best in Vancouver, not toooooo expensive and the food and service were fantastic.  After supper Aaron said lets go to Kitsilano to see the sunset, so we did, it was so kind of him to order a sunset for
Sunset at the Spanish Banks beach
Saturday was concert and food show day.  Anna Olson was the big name Celebrity chef for me this year, I have her cookbooks and adore her shows so meeting her was a thrill, I even took along my book to get it signed.  The concert was incredible, amazing, phenomenal and I could go on and on, best one I’ve ever been to,  We walked around downtown for around an hour before the adrenaline wore off.
Myself and Anna Olson,
 my baking hero
I had planned to go home Sunday, but the other chef we wanted to see (the owner of the restaurant we went to) was the last one on stage on Sunday, so I stayed. And we went on another long meandering walk after the food show was over.
I did manage to sneak some stitching in after I got home, not much on music so I’ll up date that next week, but Cindy has had a little bit of work.

The white rock at White Rock and some random child

Table Top
Supernatural S10 E21 WHAT NO!!!!!!!!!

Doctor Who S04 E07-09 Including the first one with River Song, interesting to watch again knowing what’s to come.

Convoy - At the time just a comedy about truckers and corrupt police, unfortunately now shows how little has changed in over 30 years

Avengers: Age of Ultron - So much fun must go see it again, and maybe watch the first one again since I finally found it on sale.


  1. Sounds like you had so much fun - those are some amazing pictures you took, I love the sunset one!

    Avengers was great, wasn't it? Can't wait to see how the story goes on, but watching it again in the meantime sounds like a great idea. Around here, all the theaters have assigned seats, I didn't know that was something special :D

  2. Assigned seats are very rare here, which is too bad, cause that was awesome, hope more theatres implement that soon.