Friday, 22 May 2015

May SFS and waterfalls


Spent  $14.00
Finished $0

I’ve had a busy month, but not really stitching wise, but all good, and it included a return to my first love - photography.  First there was the fabulous trip to Vancouver (see last blog).  Vancouver is where I spent the money, had to add to my bead stash as there is a fantastic bead store there. Then last Friday, my family declared a waterfall day and we went off to Wells Gray park.  It was only a day trip, Mom, Dad and I, and our friend Diane, and my sister met us there as well.  We went to the big three waterfalls, Spahats,
and the amazing Hemlcken.

 And then the rest of the week was spent playing with my new photo editing program, even tried HDR for the first time, I rather love it.

My April fabric of the month was very late, I assume because of Easter, and my May shipment should show up next week.  The April one is very pretty and with it’s hints of orange and purple, may end up being the fabric for the Halloween SAL I’m doing with Carla and Leonore.

Stitching has happened though and progress has been made on both pieces, I feel like I’m getting so close to finishing Cindy, even though my head is aware that I have several more months of work to do on her.

But I hope to finish Music before the end of

As for what I watched

Table Top

Supernatural S10 E22-23 Carry On My Wayward Son 

Constantine - The movie - Not as good as the now unfortunately cancelled series, but other than not having Constantine be British it’s not bad at all, very much follows the narrative style of the comics.

Avengers: Commentary - This is the reason I wanted to buy the DVD that took forever to come on a sale. I have all of Buffy and Angel so I know that Josh Whedon is good at commentary, and I was right, lots of fun information to be had. Since I’m already past the A’s it now goes to the end of the list, or possibly into the “m”s for Marvel, in fact I’m thinking of taking all the Iron Man and getting all the other’s and just making a Marvel movie shelf that’s in chronological order instead of alphabetical.

Pitch Perfect - Due to plans to see the sequel, thought I would rewatch this one since it so nicely showed up on Netflix

Pitch Perfect 2 - Thoroughly enjoyable, manage to avoid some of the worst sequel clichés and had some great music, also had Pentatonix starring as Canadian competitors which made me laugh

Coraline - A lovely spooky childrens(ish) movie written by Neil Gaimen so you know it’s a good story.


  1. I'm so torn! What is more exciting to look at? Waterfalls or Cross Stitch? Instead of fighting a losing battle I choose BOTH! Pitch Perfect 2...MUST SEE!!!

  2. If we had such beautiful nature around, I'd get less stitching done too :) Great progress still!

  3. I want to see PP2 but Thomas isn't interested in it. I'll probably see if any of the ladies I've met & am friends with now, want to go see it while the boys are all gone. Beautiful waterfalls and stitching progress.