Friday, 24 April 2015

April SFS

My SFS this month is very easy,
Spent $0
Earned $0
Probably will not be that simple next month

It’s been a good week for me, work it back to how it should be, add in a couple short days and stitching and watching happened,. I’ve accomplished a lot this week, finished my parents taxes to start , I also finished the blue on Cindy’s dress, and there’s no more of it to come, I’m feeling very accomplished about it.
 Also finished a page of  Music only one more to go.
 I won’t be blogging on Friday next week as I will be in Vancouver, my friend Aaron and I have tickets to see  OneRepublic and opening night of Avengers and plan to go to the food show as well. One of the Celebrity chefs is Anna Olson, I have one of her cook books and can’t wait to see her. Also hope to go to a bead store and destroy possibly destroy my budget, or just drool a little.
A man that works for my brother, also works stage and lighting for our local theatre, and he invited our family to the dress rehersal for the new play - A Pack of Lies, it was wonderful and I forgot how good our shows were, I’ll have to remember to go more often

As for what I watched
Table Top

Doctor Who S04 E05-E6

Supernatural S10 E19  Only a few episodes to go in this season, it’s been a great one so far

Game of Thrones  S05 E01-02 I can’t believe it’s already Season 5

Clear and Present Danger - I’m not watching this series in order since they didn’t bother to film them in order, I am a fan of the Jack Ryan books but will admit that as much as I like Harrison Ford, I've never been fond of his portrayal of Jack, it’s a little toooooo action hero, and that’s not what Jack was. Still it’s a decent action movie and I am a completionist when it comes to series 

Clockstoppers - This shows the reason I’m doing this alphabetical rewatch, I forgot I owned this movie, it’s just a cute young teen aimed sci-fi about a boy who finds a watch that can stop time, and of course uses it to get a girl and save his father from an evil scientist 
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - 1 and 2 - Making it rain food is such a strange concept for a movie, but it works somehow, I bought the second sight unseen because it was $5 at Walmart so why not, and that one has food animals some of which really remind me of Ursula Vernon’s art. Wonder if the creators were fans of hers.

Coach Carter - A movie about the high school basketball coach who benched all his players until they improved their grades. It has a great coaches speech at the end that always gets me a little teary eyed. I never cry at movies like Titanic, but give me an inspirational sports speech or a “we can band together and save the world” disaster movie speech (e.g. Independence Day) and I’m gone. Also fun to see how low down Channing Tatum is in the credits in this, his first movie.


  1. WOW! I mean WOW! Cindy's skirts! to think we have been watching this masterpiece grow and it's STILL not boring! Music is still beautiful and almost finished...more WOW!

    I agree about the Jack movies, aren't there like 3 different actors who have tried to portray that character? GoT...I'm not done with 4 yet but will get there soon enough!

    1. There's 4 different actor's but I kind of refuse to admit the last movie exists, that being said it is on Netflix so I'll probably give in at some point.

  2. Your wips are going good aswell as your budget
    It seems you have a lovely time ahaed of you :)

  3. Cindy is SO pretty, now you need to finish those stairs quickly and get to the over one sections of that dress! Have fun in Vancouver next week :)

    1. I shall, I will try to provide pretty pics as I go.

  4. Well done SFS!
    Cinderella is fabulous!
    Have fun on your trip