Friday, 17 April 2015


With the exception of a possible sinus infection, this has actually been a lovely week, work has calmed down , and they are actively looking for someone to replace the girl who quit.  And I got to stitch . The sinus thing is annoying and occasionally painful, but something I’m used to, spring can be a literal pain, but  it seems to be very slowly getting better and drugs are my friends. So I got a lot done on Cindy

 and moving right alone on Music as well.
As for what I watched

Doctor Who S03 E12 - S04 E4  While as stated before Martha is my least favourite companion there were sure a lot of great episodes in her season, now onto season 4 and Donna, her I really like, she’s the one companion of the new series that seems to really understand how scary the doctor can be, and there is no hint of unrequited love. She’s just there for the adventure.                   

Table Top

Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair - The last of this well done BBC series from the ‘80s

A Chorus Line - I started to watch this on VHS last months, but it had deteriorated so bad I decided I needed a new copy. So now I got to watch this amazing musical on my brand new DVD.  

A Cinderella Story - Modern day high school version of the fairy tale, it’s cute. And yes I own a Hilary Duff movie, in fact I own at least two. Everyone has to have a guilty pleasure, teen rom/coms are one of mine. 

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - Not a bad movie, but they could have followed the book a lot better.


  1. Cindy is coming right along! And your Music is so incredibly beautiful!

    I've added the Mortal Instruments to my looks very interesting!

    1. They are very good book, young adult oriented, the only downside to them is the author is overly obsessed with what they are all wearing, other than that it's a really good urban fantasy.,

  2. Cindy is coming along great, you're almost done with that dress now - hooray for your work situation getting better! I need to get the Mortal Instrument books, as it's always book before movie for me (unless I don't know there's also a book as with star dust, still need to read that one) :D

    1. I'm the other way around, if I find out there is going to be a movie I'll wait until I've seen it before I read the book.