Friday, 10 April 2015

April WIPocalypse

The WIPocalypse  question of the month is;  Which Specialty stitches do you love doing on projects? Which do you dread?

I don’t really dread any, I’m not fond of lazy daisy stitches, but that’s because I haven’t done enough of them yet, I actually enjoy French knots now that I've done them so often, but my favourite has to be back stitching, I love it, I love how it makes a piece come alive, and as I always do it last it’s like a bonus before finishing a piece, I know that if I’m doing back stitching that I’m close to done. It makes me feel very accomplished.

I feel like this was my week to breathe, work was quiet, I got two days off in a row and nobody broke any bones to cancel them. I suppose I should have done more, but I needed that break. That been said, I have been learning the new computer and programs, I did my taxes and started on my Dad’s, did laundry, and I stitched, so I am now a happy relaxed person. Of course with curling over, work slowed down on the Music Sampler,
 but that means I managed to get more done on Cindy.
Also my friend Pinky has adapted some great art into patterns, check them out.
 I want to start Merida immediately but they aren't quite available yet, she’s still taking preorders, and they are  big, which suits me fine, but what shall I have to bump to get to her quicker?

As for what I watched

Doctor Who S03 E09- E11    Including my favourite episode of TV ever, BLINK

Men’s finals in World Curling Championships, that’s it for me and sports until the Tour De France in July

Table Top

Chronicles of Narnia, BBC :
The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, the special effects are kind of horrible, but the story is so well done it’s easily forgivable, I will be watching the newer full movie versions when I get to the “N’s”
                 Prince Caspian, it’s a short one and Caspian is a little younger than he should be, but still well done\
Voyage of the Dawntreader: My favourite of the books and the movies I tend to think of Narnia they way most fantasy lovers think of  Tolkein, this was my series, the one that really captured my imagination, it wasn’t my first foray into Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Mom was reading Andre Norton to me long before I picked these up, but they were the first books I really begged Mom for and I still have my original set, I think it’s soon time to read them again                                


  1. You are on page 4!!! PAGE FOUR!!! And great progress has been made ON page FOUR!

    Love the music! I could be even more biased after having been at the folk festival and listened to a few extra jams, but it's still really pretty.


    1. Aren't music festivals fun, we have a huge one here every year.

  2. Hooray for getting a more relaxed week, you really deserved that and it's nice to see what it has done to your stitching :) So close now on Cindy, I can't wait to see her finished :D

    1. I feel so close to the end with her, and then realize I still have several more months work left on her, but she's been a joy to stitch.