Friday, 4 September 2015

Quiet Week

As weeks go, this has been a quiet one, just work and regular life stuff. Next week I will be on holiday, but it’s a working one, I took the week off so I could work at the fair, which is mainly set up Wednesday and Thursday and take down Sunday which leaves the rest of the days for stitching
I finished another block on the Frosted Pumpkin Halloween Sampler so the one block per week schedule seems to be working fine for me.
Cindy has had progress, which is a little hard to see with those teeny tiny stitches, hope to have more obvious changes next week
As for what I watched.
Critical Role - Another series from Geek and Sundry, this one is a  live stream of voice actors playing D&D

Doctor Who S07 E12 - S08 E12. That’s right I watched all of season 8 this week, I have now caught up and can’t wait for season 9 to start. Love Peter Capaldi as the doctor. 

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - The civil war and vampires, what’s not to enjoy.

After - A physiologic thriller or horror or something, two people are in a bus crash and wake up as  the only  people left  in their town, not bad, not great, just a typical low budget movie.


  1. Quiet weeks are good stitching weeks :) The stitchy progress looks good - I can't wait for either of them to be completed! So glad you caught up with DW in time for the next series - only a couple of weeks to go now :D

  2. You earned yourself a quiet week (or two!) after all the stress you've been having. Great progress on the Halloween one, and on Cindy as well, I know how long those over-1 parts can take!

    1. Thank you, unfortunately work stress is going to get worse for a while, but should all be cleared up before Christmas

  3. I know I told you already, but I love the fabric for the halloween SAL. Abe Lincoln..awesome...and AFTER...strangely creeped me out but then there was the end that kind of made it okay again ha ha!

    Taking your time on the best part of Cindy? Oh wait, backstitching would be your best part...I love the one over one part...that's right....

    1. One over is fun too, but so small, good thing you told me about the glasses trick.