Saturday, 26 September 2015

SFS September

SFS September
$0 all round
I bought nothing, and finished nothing this month, so that is easy to add

I have been working a lot, found out nothing important about what happens when the store closes. I switch between hoping I get transferred , or starting over and have decided to embrace whichever happens to me.
Either way I’m really going to miss seeing everyone at the store.
I haven’t been stitching quite as much as planned the last couple weeks as my nephew will be leaving on the weekend and we are getting determined to beat Arkham Horror. (note; we finally beat it last night)  I’m enjoying having a game night so much.
Here’s two weeks worth of the Halloween Sampler and last weeks progress on Cindy, got nothing done on her this week due to game nights.

As for what I watched.

Critical Role - D&D with voice actors.  I am so obsessed with this, take everything I said about Titan’s Grave and double it. If you like old time radio shows and fantasy this is perfect for you. I have been watching every chance I get. It’s first 12 are on you tube, and up to 24 episodes on Geek and Sundry website and at the shortest, they are 3 hours long. They are live on Thursdays nights, but I haven’t caught up enough to do that yet.

The Scorch Trials - I really enjoy this series and will read the rest of the books when the last movie comes out, it’s full of twist and turns, though when I think about it all the one was about was  the protagonists finding a group of people and trying to decided if they were trustworthy, NOPE and then repeat.


  1. Yay another #critter. Love this show and find I can't watch and stitch at times as it's too tense.

    1. I'm a new #critter, just discovered it, (Followed Laura Bailey from Table Top, to Titan's Grave to Critical Role) and yeah, it definitely slows down the stitching time

  2. Yay for game nights and still getting some wonderful stitching done! Still love the Halloween Sampler and Cindy is going to be sooo perfectly pretty.