Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Almost Christmas Update

Merry Christmas to you all. This is a unique year for me, the store is closed on boxing day which means for the first time in many years I won’t have to work that day, or New Year’s day, I’m really looking forward to that one, I can toast in the new year (with scotch) at midnight instead of the 10pm of the last 8 years.,
I may not have been blogging, but I have been stitching, I have the backstitching done on the ridiculously pretty shawl and am now working on the walls, which will keep me busy for some time to come.
My new store also has a secret Santa so I signed up and made an ornament. Found it in the last Cross stitch Gold magazine and it came out so pretty.
Will do a round up of this years projects sometime next week
Also my SIL had her Gingerbread night last night, and this year I made a train, so much fun.
Oh and my Critical Role banner did make it in time for Critmas and it was so worth doing, Taliesin loved it, here is the video, if the link doesn’t synch up to the correct spot, my gift shows up at around 1:18:30

As for what I watched.
Critical Role and some Table Top and Game the Game - I’m so in love with Geek and Sundry lately

Arthur Christmas - This was the movie for works family staff party, typical Christmas fare, but cute and enjoyable nonetheless

Santa Clause 2 - My favorite of the three

Santa Clause 3 - My least favorite of the three, but it still has some
good stuff, misses seeing 1 as Mom and Dad watched it while I was at work

White Christmas - It isn’t Christmas until this movie has been watched


  1. So much fun and goodness! Cindy is REALLY coming along beautifully!

  2. So much fun and goodness! Cindy is REALLY coming along beautifully!

  3. Great progress, and yay for having some time off - I think I like your new work much better than the old one ;)

    1. I do too, the only downside is less pay and benefits, but the better work environment really makes up for that.