Friday, 4 December 2015

Two years in.

It is two years now since I started this blog and therefore two years working on Cindy,  which is about six months longer than I thought it would be, but the distractions that caused the delay are all worth it.

WIPocalypse for Novermber: Which designer has inspired you to stitch the greatest number of designs and why do you think that is?
Teresa Wentzler would be it for me,  I may have stitched more by other designers, but she’s who I have spent the most time with. I love fantasy and her attention to detail is amazing.
I’ve settled into the new job well, my hours are all over the place, but plentiful so no complaints there.  I’ve taken my obsession with Critical Role to the next level and sent out the first fan letter I’ve ever written, as well as some fan art.   One of the player drew up this design for his characters family crest and I took one look and thought I could quilt that.
Which is strange in itself as I have only every quilted once before over 20 years ago.  But the show has this thing called Critmas where they open all the gifts sent to them and it’s so much fun to watch so I made it and have sent it off, hopefully it will make it for this months Critmas, but if not, he shall get it in January.
The wallhanging 

Taliesin Jaffe's original design

I’ve also made progress on the backstitching of Cindy, so much detail but I do love backstitching .

As for what I watched.

Critical Role - Both new and rewatch

Game the Game & No Survivors - Two more Geek and Sundry Twitch shows

Dralion - Cirque Du Soliel  - one that I haven’t seen live, based
more around the Chinese circus traditions.

Dallos - Anime from the early 80’s I think it’s the pilot for a series as there is no ending, but it’s a good Sci-fi story about a rebellion on the moon.


  1. oh wow! I seriously hope they show that on Thursday. :D Looks amazing. Have you watched last night's episode yet? It was so nerve wracking.

    1. I did. So glad I could sleep in today, but it was so good and stressful

  2. That quilt is awesome, and the backstitching is looking so nice! :)

  3. I still say that the wall hanging showed up at the perfect time! Right after they took down the bad guys and reclaimed Whitehall! The reaction by all is epic as well :D I might have to watch it AGAIN haha!

    1. Yeah I might have watched it once or twice (a day)