Thursday, 21 January 2016


My life the last couple weeks, work, snow, work, stitch repeat.

So on to stitching, I finally finished DMC #414 so all the masonry is done, and the plants are nearly finished as well,

As I get closer and closer to the end of Cindy I'm starting to think about what's next,  If I follow THE LIST like the good girl I should be, the Fractal would be next,  but...... I'm seriously considering having two BAP's on the go for a bit,  I really really really want to start Mulan, so maybe, Mulan while watching the movie project, the fractal in the better lit computer room as it's on black and then my usual small Jeopardy project which is Magical's ornaments for the foreseeable future. It means not starting the Sea Monster right away which hurts a bit, but there is only so much time for everything. Of course that means I'll need beads for Mulan and fabric for the fractal so shopping is in my near future.

As for what I watched
Critical Role - Still rewatching, but almost done, may move back to Table Top after this, or get back to the neglected Netflix

Supernatural - Still trying to catch up, but failing, the light is so much better in the computer room that’s I’m not watching the TV much while doing the miles of backstitching.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Finally got to this, I won’t have to turn in my nerd cred after all.

Dave - When the President has a stroke and is in a coma, the corrupt chief of staff hires a body double to take the presidents place.  Kevin Kline is wonderful in the role.

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  1. Yay for the backstitching - this is coming together so nicely and looking so great! I like you plans, would love to see Mulan stitched and two projects at once (or three counting the small) still sounds very managable :)