Friday, 29 July 2016


Tomorrow is the start of the Gishwhes scavanger hunt Click here to understand so I am unlikely to get much stitching done, and then the Olympics start. Therefore it seems like the time for a really quick update,  
Here's Mulan
And here's a Mill Hill Angel that I almost forgot I had to get done by September for a birthday, so Hedwig has been put on hold and this will become my Olympic project.

As for what I watched
Critical Role

Dare Devil S02 E04-E13 End of Season 2, Do I really have to wait for season 3 now.

Enemy At The Gates - Another WWII movie, the only other one I have I think, As stated before I don’t have many war movies, but this is about a personal battle between a Russian sniper and a German sniper and they are played by Jude Law and Ed Harris, and that makes the whole thing worth watching.

Evita - Film version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Incredible music even if it does get repetitive towards the end, also Antonio Banderas is magnificent in this.

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  1. Gishwhes looks like so much fun each year, maybe I will manage to join in some time - until then, I will be happy to watch what you are up to from afar.
    Great progress on Mulan, not much more to go now, and that lillte Mill Hill kit will be adorable I'm sure!