Friday, 2 December 2016

Whatever happened to....

Whatever happened to the Movie Project you ask, actually you didn’t, but I do, I was so ready to watch all my movies, so many movies. It was three years ago now that I started and I’m only a third of the way through and haven’t watched any at all in the last couple weeks, I got out of the habit of watching one a day, Several things kept interrupting me and then my schedule kept shifting and I couldn’t always figure out where to fit the movie in. But it has not died, the “T’s” are lined up and ready to go, so maybe next year I’ll get a rhythm going again. Wish me luck

I have two updates and a finish this time.  My month of smalls has been a lot  fun, the current small is a little larger than the last couple, I am doing this one on 25ct 2 over 1. Most of the large HAED and similar patterns call for the 25ct and since I have 5 such patterns, I thought I would try it out on a small project, have to say I rather like working with it,

An update on the Owl is more than over due, but as we go into Christmas movie season it will go faster, hopefully the baby will get it before their first birthday.

My finish is this cute little penguin card that was a free kit from The World of Cross Stitching magazine, not sure if it’s from one I bought or one that Carla sent me, either way, it’s cute.

As for what I watched.
Critical Role

Gilmore Girls - S03-14 to S04-14  Bingeing continues in fine form

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Christmas season has begun

Santa Claus - Usually the first Christmas movie of the season an this year is no exception

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  1. Great progress on the owl and the 25ct project, and what a cute penguin finish! I'm looking forward for the continuation of your movie project, you always gave me some great ideas on what to watch.