Thursday, 29 December 2016

Final Finish of the Year

I did the year end round up last blog, but I have two more finishes  to add, I finished the quilt and snowman that I turned into an ornament and then sold to a co-worker for them to use for their secret Santa gift
And the Owl Baby announcement thingy for my nephew’s son is done.  Of course his sister had a baby Christmas eve so I have another one to make, but I couldn’t find anything I like so I’m attempting to design it myself.
I have started one more small for the year, a little mandala, not likely to finish before new year’s but it shant take too long,
New Year’s day I will start the fractal, I’m looking forward to it so much,
So happy rest of the holidays to everyone, here’s to lots of stitching in the new year.

As for what I watched.
Gilmore Girls  S05-18 to S07-14  The bingeing continues

Christmas in Connecticut - Cute and funny and  a must watch every year

White Christmas - One of my favorite movies, period.

A Christmas Carol - The best version, we were a day late in watching it this year

Sense8 - A Christmas Special - Setting up for what should be a great second

Top Hat - Cute little romance with mistaken identities, which is really just an excuse for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to dance beautifully.  The funny thing about this is, I swore I had seen this movie and while I know the music, this is after all where Dancing Cheek To Cheek comes from, I, in no way recognize the story, How did I miss seeing this before?

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  1. Those are two great final finishes, I really like the birth announcment one. Looking forward to seeing your start on the Fractal!