Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2017 WIPocalypse Introduction

So I've done this for a couple years now, and the only difference this year is that I'm not starting midway through Cindy,  I have new projects Mwhahahahaaha.

The question for this month is:  Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

I'm Nancy, known on most random sites such as Deviant Art  as Katjakay, I'm a baker in British Columbia, Canada and have been stitching for 12 years or thereabouts. I'm also a two at a time stitcher and almost always finish one before starting another, in other words my only WIP's are the one's I am currently working on. I have no UFO's, yes my stitching friends find this strange.
My current projects are a RYO Mandala from Ink Circles,
And I am just starting THE FRACTAL
This one should be finished before the end of the year. It is 70 colours on 18ct aida and 200x300 stitches, but it also has nothing complicated, all whole stitches and no backstitching. This is my starting point, first stitch goes in tonight.
Other plans for this year include a Birth Announcement thingy for my niece's baby born on Dec. 24th, I couldn't find anything I like so I'm attempting to design this myself.  A pillow for Canada 150 with help from the amazing Pinky the Pink with the pattern.. Hopefully a few other things, and if I finish Fractal I'll probably move onto the Lurking Sock Puppet which shall get a redesign sometime this year or possibly the Angel of the Harvest which is technically next on the List.

As for what I watched.

Gilmore Girls S07 EP14-22 And a Year in the Life revival - I watched all 7 Season of Gilmore Girls and the revival because I wanted to see how they fit Jared Padalecki into the revival and needed to know the context of his 2 minute cameo. Completely worth it

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S01 EP01-06- Life in New York after being stuck in a post apocalyptic bunker for 15. years.  It’s cute and almost relentlessly cheerful , For me not a great one to binge but good in small doses.

The Thomas Crown Affair - A solid caper movie,

Tron - Tron is the almost the only reason I spent any time in arcades as a kid, loved that game.  The technology and effects are incredibly dated which is only to be expected of a movie from 1982 but it has a good solid and still applicable storyline.,

Tron: Legacy - Not technically part of The Movie Project as neither Mom or I own it, but it’s sitting there on Netflix and had to be watched. While not as fun as the first it’s still a solid sequal and the way they deaged  Jeff Bridges was amazing.

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  1. I love your plans for the year - I think it's the first time I've seen the fractal in all its glory and I can't wait to see you working on it!