Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Movie Project Resumed

I haven't really been doing a lot life wise since the last update, but I have finally got a rhythm going again in the movie project, which makes me very happy,  Winter sports season is just gearing up too with the Canadian Figure Skating Championships this weekend.  This will cause a slowdown of the movies, but one I can happily live with.
Of course updates are also here, on both the Mandala

and Fractal

As for what I watched.

 Critical Role, Talks Machina  & Table Top

Supernatural S12 E06-08

Maximum Ride - I read the book on a friends recommendation some time ago and enjoyed it, this movie isn’t bad, pretty low budget I guess, not great special effect which is unfortunate as  it’s a movie about teenagers with wings.

That Thing You Do - The rise and fall of a one hit wonder band in the 60’s, best way to describe this is charming.

Thin Ice - A skating instructor at  a Swiss ski resort falls in love with an incognito prince. Given my love of figure skating it should come as no surprise that I own a Sonja Henie movie.

The Thirteenth Floor - A really smart sci-fi murder mystery, if I remember correctly it was overshadowed that year by the Matrix, too bad really.

Titanic - Like most things that get immensely popular quickly, this movie has a lot of hate thrown at it now, but it’s a disaster movie at heart, and a big budget one at that, so of course I love it.  Also the score is fantastic, especially  how it goes all Irish any time they go below decks

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  1. I'm glad to hear your movie project is going well again, even though it will be disrupted further by figure skating. Great progress on your stitching too - looks like you'll soon have another page finish on the fractal!