Friday, 20 December 2013

I have SABLE, a term I just learned that means Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy, this describes my pattern hoarding perfectly.  
It's been a semi productive week, of course work and Christmas shopping get in the way of most things, but shopping seems to lead to an accumulation of chocolate which just is the happiest thing ever.  But I've watched lots and stitched some. Got back to working on Cinderella since I gave up on getting the bookmarks done on time.

 It looks more impressive close up

Well, sort of

I didn't give up on the bookmarks though, they just went back to been my Jeopardy piece

I also officially joined IHSW for the first time after playing with it vicariously through Carla the last few months, and I even have the weekend off, shopping is again planned but I can hermit for some the time anyway

Now as for what I watched while stitching this week

The Muppet Christmas Carol, it’s my favorite version.

 The West Wing Season 1 Episode 8 to 11 Which includes the amazing “In Excelcis Deo” Christmas episode

The Santa Clause 3, definitely the weakest of the 3 but still a fun little movie.

28 Days, bought this one for the sight unseen for the cast, which was a good decision 

 The Polar Express.  Love this one for the music and Tom Hanks, cause he’s awesome. 
White Christmas. My favorite Christmas movie, can’t have Christmas without it.

8 Women, No actually stitching done when watching this as it’s a subtitled murder mystery musical period piece French movie. 


  1. How fun!! I'm still all about audio books right now. I've been listening to The Color of Magic by Terry Prachett because, as you know, that is the current read for TSOOTGLBC :D I have never seen Polar Express or 8 Women, and might have to give them both a try :D

  2. The Polar Express is typical holiday fare, but it does have great music, and 8 Women is a little strange, but a lot of fun. And I'm reading a Nora Roberts romance at the moment, cause I feel like it.

  3. Welcome to IHSW Nancy. I hope you had a fab time. :D Ooooh. 28 Days.... I love Sandra Bullock. Have you seen The Proposal? Though, I must say.... not much stitching gets done when I watch that. ;)

    1. I love The Proposal and most of her movies actually. I had a great time with IHSW, looking forward to the next one.