Friday, 13 December 2013

Stitching wise this week has not really worked out, I've gone shopping out of town twice and worked every day that I wasn't shopping.  On the plus note, it's always fun to Christmas shop when you already have all the gifts, lots of stuff for me, especially chocolate. So I didn't work on the Stroke of Midnight at all, in an attempt to finish the bookmarks in time.  But once I realized that I needed a week per bookmark and have 6 left to go, that my brother is getting these for his birthday, not Christmas. So as of tomorrow I'm working on both again. 
I've finished Houses Baratheon, Martell, and Arryn
And started House Tully

Stitched while watching 
The Santa Clause 2 - My favorite of them, I especially love Lucy which is rare for me, I tend not to like young children in movies. 

 And The West Wing  Season 1, episodes 2 to 7

 And of course the nightly Jeopardy


  1. I second that "super busy at work" thing. Still, you have succeeded in getting something done and started!!

  2. And have started the secret project now as well, Also I'm off work Saturday so I will be around for the Hangout if you open it, at least for part of the day, I imagine I'll have to take Mom shopping as well.