Friday, 6 December 2013

So due to a co-worker's minor heart attack (he's recovering nicely) I've not only ended up with more hours, but am starting earlier a couple days a week. And it seems when I start at 5am, a nap becomes more of a priority than stitching. But I still got some done, just a little on the Stroke of Midnight.
before I had to give in and work only on the bookmarks if I want to even attempt to have them done by Christmas.  If I don't, I did get a back up gift and they will be a birthday present, 2 1/2 done, 6 to go.

Shows watched while stitching this week include 
101 Dalmatians  - The animated one, not one of Disney’s best, but still cute and fun.  Also I still believe dogs are gossiping and spreading news when I hear a bunch of them barking at twilight
101 Dalmatians (1961)

Christmas in Connecticut - Such a fun little Christmas movie, one of the first we pull out every year
Christmas in Connecticut (1945)
The Hobbit, - had to get a watch in before the 13th
Still of Richard Armitage, John Callen, Graham McTavish and Ken Stott in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)
Hatari, - One of my absolute favorite John Wayne films,

 Hatari! (1962)
The West Wing Season 1 Episode 1-
The West Wing (1999)
The Santa Clause. It’s a modern classic,
The Santa Clause (1994)


  1. And now work is hindering your progress? Sure know how that feels!! And look! You couldn't wait to get a start on Cinderelly!!

    1. Cindy was whispering to me, so a start had to be made, got a back up present for my brother if the bookmarks don't make it.