Friday, 13 February 2015

Same Old

It wasn't really a stitching week for me, it was an OMG I’m so busy at work due to Valentine’s Day week.
Well, that and a Fish and Game Banquet that wanted  5 huge cakes and gave me free range for decorating, so much fun,  weeks like this are great.
I've also been in such a mood to buy stuff, so much so that I'm almost afraid to go look at my wishlists, cause if I do, it will be bye, bye budget.
So still working on Cindy’s dress, but it’s getting closer to being filled in
And I’m on the last colour of Froggie, love this one.

As for what I watched,
Doctor Who S02 E01-E04

The 100 S01 E01-E03 - Thought I’d try a new show and this one was on my Netflix list,  pretty good so far, kind of a cross between Battlestar Galactica and Lord of the Flies.

Cinderella - The Disney animated classic, it’s my mother’s favorite movie.

Jupiter Ascending - I really enjoyed this it’s a good solid sci-fi movie and surprisingly not based on a book, I really hope it does well enough to get the sequels that it left room for.

Kismat Konnection - Netflix has several Bollywood movies and they tend to be a
lot of fun, this is a cute Rom/com that takes place in Toronto, and they sure highlight the city beautifully

Cats - The musical, one I’ve never seen it live, though I’d like to.


  1. So much progress on both the dress and Haida frog! Well done :)

  2. Jup, that's really nice progress! That dress is still looking awesome, more so every week, and soon the frog will be done, any ideas what will be next?

    1. I think a couple really small things, like a biscornu and Magical's ornaments, and then the musical Shakespear quote one, if I don't get distracted by the sea monster Ashley made for me.

  3. So pretty! I'm thinking I might check out that Jupiter Ascending, and 100 is on my Netflix list as well but right now I'm plowing through Wild Africa....did you know that our Victoria Falls starts out as a trickle of water from a spring in the base of a tree? And did you know the most perfect and safe place for me to live is in the largest volcanic crater in the world? There is room for you as well and I'm pretty sure there are some eligible Bushmen (the most ancient of peoples) for you to choose from....I didn't see any curling though, nor did I see Ice Skating...hmmmm, must rethink. In the meantime please keep stitching Cindy and are almost done with that page and almost done with Frog!

    1. The mighty Fraser river starts the same way, from some random spring that is hard to find even when you know where it is. And sure, lets go live in a crater, we will get satellite TV for the curling