Monday, 23 February 2015

SFS February and Froggie

Month: February
Spent: $18.79
Earned: $8.00

I was about to have another $0 month for SFS and then I finished Frog...Which means I had to start a new project and since the lovely black fabric that Leonore gave me arrived THAT DAY, I. of course, had to start Magical’s ornaments of which I was missing one colour, I could have substituted but I wanted some silver metallic for it as well.  So knowing the zero was going away, I checked in with what I’m doing after the ornaments and sure enough I needed floss there as well, so I stocked up, and almost did the budget in,  I’ll try to behave next month….. But don’t count on it. I have two raises coming up and I will probably celebrate.

So I finished my Haida Frog this week thanks to the curling. He was a wonderful project, very easy which made him a nice foil for Cindy. He also has purpose, he is my entry for the Stitching Pirates Tribal contest, as I judge I can’t win, but I can participate. He also qualifies for Carla’s Tons of Tiny and he’s my first finish of the year, that’s a lot to lay on a tiny frog.

He is 6 1/5 by 5” on 28ct even weave, wasn't planning on doing him on white, but that’s what I had available at the right size, and he is completely a stitch from stash piece, of the four colours called for I only had two, how does that always happen? But I just changed the shade of green a bit and used red instead of rust, which I prefer anyway, and the pattern was a gift from Carla so no shopping was needed at all.

Cindy didn't get a lot of work, but I did manage to finish all the blue on the dress. Once I get some actual days off it won't take long to finish the page.

And as said I started the ornaments, the silver is much shinier than shows
here, it's blending filament not metallic and super shiny and just as annoying, but pretty, I'm thinking of squaring off all the months with the silver so I can get right to the ornament every month.

As for what I watched,
Doctor Who E02 E05

The 100 S01 E02-04

Table Top - it seems I’m in the mood for this again, starting all over from the beginning.

The Westminster Dog Show - We didn’t get it live but it did show up a couple days later, during the curling, so I taped it, always enjoy watching all the breeds, but this year the Best In Show was a dog that is from a little town less than 20km away, they are talking about throwing it a parade.

The Tournament of Hearts - Canadian Women’s Curling Championship

Coyote Ugly - It’s silly but still a lot of fun, and has good music, which
will forgive any holes in the “plot”

Cool Runnings - The fictionalized story of the Jamaican Bobsled team,  great fun and I remember well the buzz around the team at the Calgary Olympics.


  1. Congrats on your frog finish, and nice progress on Cindy- I can't wait for you to fill in the over 1 sections! And it's great seeing my fabric come to a good use, I love the silver and how each of us is doing the ornaments a bit differently :)

    1. The fabric is perfect, thanks so much for sending it.

  2. Congrats on the frog finish! And your stitching progress is something to be proud of :)

  3. Great SFS!
    Cute froggie!
    Wonderful WIP's!

  4. The changes to Haida frog really make him special :) Great progress on Cindy despite doing less due to curling. Your SFS is doing well too!

  5. Great finish on your frog - congratulations!

    Good job on the SFS too; you stayed in budget and earned something.