Friday, 6 February 2015

WIPocalypse February

The WIPocalypse question of the month is
How do you overcome that feeling that you’re in a rut with a particular project?

It’s twofold for me, I always have two things on the go, so the quick answer is just to start working on the other.  But sometimes I find it’s enough to switch shows, if I’m binge watching  a series I’ll just switch over to some movies or vice versa.

I had hoped to finish this pages section of  the dress this week, but as has been all this year, work, and chauffeuring Mom and Dad got in the way, I felt that I had made no progress until I looked at last weeks shot.

The frog got it’s usually Jeopardy watching time and little else.

As for what I watched,

The Kittens of Oz - Have now been adopted out as of today, I'm going to miss watching the little darlings, but at least they all have facebook pages now.

Doctor Who  - The Christmas Invasion - The first with David Tennent, he makes such a good doctor.

Glee S02 E10-12

Constantine S01 E10-11

Twelfth Night - Out theatre is showing three Shakespeare productions from the Globe theatre this year, the first was Twelfth Night, my all time favorite play, so of course I had to go. And it was marvelous,. This version was done as close to the way it would have been done in the 1600’s, musical styles and instruments, fabrics, makeup and costumes and most especially, an all male cast. Stephen Fry made a wonderful Malvolio and the men playing the women’s rolls were fantastic. And of course I now want to start my music cross stitch pattern as the quote on it is from Twelfth Night.

Casino Royal - Daniel Craig is not my favorite Bond but the movies are excellent, more about that on the next one I watch cause I have one serious problem with this movie.  I read the first 6 or so Bond books nearly 25 years ago, now I am well aware the only similarity between books and movies is the title, but this one follows at least the bare bones basic plot line, with one exception,  Bond plays Baccarat, this whole book was about baccarat, I learned how to play reading the book, and in the movie it’s Texas Hold’em, that's just wrong in so many ways.

Calamity Jane - Just as the “B”s had a lot of British movies, “C:”s have a lot of musicals, starting with this long time favorite, I think I inherited my love for Howard Keel from my mother. He’s amazing.


  1. How you have time to watch anything and stitch with your schedule is beyond me! I hope you are getting rest in between time. The beautiful progress continues to amaze me! You are almost done with Frog!

    1. Today I was going to come home and stitch, but a nap happened instead, so yup, I'm getting rest when needed.

  2. Cindy has seen a lot of progress, despite you don't seeing it, and switsching between two projects ounds like a wonderful solution to being in a rut :)

  3. Cindy is looking better every time I see her :) Haida frog is also looking good - not much longer and he will be finished :)