Friday, 30 January 2015

Month's end

It’s official, I will finish nothing this month, but that’s okay, work got in the way a lot which means more money for stitching supplies and/or movies. As of today, my boss is off work for minimum of 3 weeks, probably closer to 6. So 40 hour weeks for all of February, a month that I am usually begging for hours in, yay me.
A pretty/handsome visitor has shown up on the balcony for the last week, only at night and he's shy so pics are iffy, seems like a stray, but not a feral cat, he's very poofy so Mom has named him Puff.
I did get a lot of stitching done, Cindy’s dress is filling in beautifully

And I have started the red on the frog.

As for what I watched,
The Kittens of  Oz - Won’t be long now until they are all adopted out

Doctor Who S01 E07-12 + Doctor Who Confidential 

Sleepy Hollow S02 E14

The Grand Budapest Hotel - I’m not really a fan of Wes Anderson movies, he’s a little to quirky even for me, but I do like to check out Oscar nominated movies and this turned out to be really fun and charming.

Cocoon - If you want to see a movie about seniors and benevolent aliens, this is the one to watch

The Imitation Game - Another Oscar nominee but I would have gone to this one anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will buy it when it comes out on DVD. Also this and The Grand Budapest Hotel have the same wonderful composer, who is nominated for both movies. 

The Pirates of Penzance  - The 1980 stage musical starring Rex Smith and Kevin Kline, as opposed to the 1983 movie based on the stage musical, starring Kevin Kline and Rex Smith.


  1. So much goodness!!! I have no words for all of the goodness!

    1. Frog will be finished before you know it, already thinking about what to do next

  2. Great progress on Cindy, and on your cute little frog too - that red ypu pickes out seems to work really well :)

    I need to go watch the Imitation Game...I knew I had heard the name before when you said you where going to see it, but I completely forgot it was the Turing one!

    1. Yes, go see it, you'll really enjoy the movie.

  3. Cindy is looking great! The frog is also very fun.

    Imitation Game is *still* on my "to see" list.