Friday, 9 January 2015

WIPocalypse and Snow

It’s my first ever WIPocalypse blog,  my friends have been involved for a while now, and I love the questions so I decided to join in. January’s topic is  “Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!”
So I’m Nancy, and on most social media sites I go by Katjakay, Why? Long story for another time, or not as it’s kind of boring. I live in the Shuswap region of British Columbia, Canada where I make a living baking. I only have two project on the go at the moment, Theresa Wentzler’s Stroke of Midnight,
which I have affectionately renamed Cindy. I've been working on her for just over a year and hope to finish sometime in the summer. I usually have one BAP and one smaller project on the go, and at the moment the small is a lovely tribal frog,
only been working on this one a couple weeks, mainly while watching Jeopardy. I tend to keep track of time spent stitching by what I watched so my blog always includes my viewing selections of the week.
Goal wise, I plan to finish Cindy and start the Fractal (see THE LIST) and do bunches of small things, cause Carla told me to.

At for what I’ve been up to this week, just call it the most bizarre work week ever. Basically we are getting a whole new computer system at work and all the managers and assistant managers had to go for training, in Vancouver. The plan was to fly half on them there on Sunday night for training Monday and then fly home Monday night, with the other half leaving Monday. Which meant a fairly full week for me as I wasn’t going at all and got to cover the manager’s shifts, or that was the idea, cause then weather happened.
I pulled out of my garage Monday morning and stopped dead, not to move again for several hours due to 18 inches of snow. And I even have a good winter car, so I had to call in a snow day, my first ever including school, it’s not a common thing around here. But of the three people that were working in the bakery that day, only one managed to show up. The next day the planes were grounded so manager type people were stuck in Vancouver for two days, and the half that hadn’t gone yet, didn’t. And of the four people supposed to work that day, only two showed up, strangely the two (me included) that missed the day before.  So we had this massive dump of snow, that essentially shut down the region for nearly three days, but it sure is pretty.

As for what I watched,
The Kittens of  Oz

The Librarians - This just keeps getting more and more fun.

Jem and The Holograms - I loved this show as a teenager and it just showed up on Netflix, for a limited time at that, so I have to get my watching in quickly

Wimbledon - A great sports/romance, but I was almost guaranteed to like this one, I've been a fan of Paul Bettany’s since he was trudging naked in A Knights Tale.  Also this is the movie that introduced me to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, still a favorite actor of mine.

Wing Commander - One of a multitude of low(ish) budget sci-fi movies based on a game. I enjoyed this one, it’s not as campy as some and has likable characters.

Into the Woods - I went to this as it looked like a fun Disney fairy tale movie, I should have done my research and found that it was based on a Steven Sondhiem musical. Then I would have known to drag my mother along as well, since we both love musicals. This was a lot of fun.

Escape to Witch Mountain - The original from 1975, special effects are pretty good for the time, and I love the story, plus the kids are intelligent but not smart ass brats like they tend to be today.


  1. Wow, that's a whole lot of snow that you got. We had 16" the day after Christmas and fortunately that was when schools and a lot of businesses were closed anyway. But meanwhile everything has completely melted and I'm glad about that.

    You have a great TW project on the go. Good luck with the WIPocalypse.

    1. That kind of dump is really unusual for us, we get lots of snow, but usually only a little at a time.

  2. I don't like the cold (I don't live very far north right now, but much further north than I'm used to), so the photos of snow make me weep a bit ;)

    Your Cindy progress looks great! It's one of the TWs I have no desire to stitch, but I do love seeing progress on pieces like those.

    And I didn't realize Jem was on Netflix! I need to get on that.

  3. Cindy just gets better and better! And I continue to get blamed for things haha! At least they are for GOOD things :D The frog is looking so incredibly wonderful and totemic! Paul Bettany....I have many wonderful words for him...MANY.

    How do you get stitching done when you are watching blasts from the past? I lost four hours of stitching to just Downton Abbey and that isn't "old" yet!

    1. I've always had to do something with my hands when watching TV, when I was a kid it was colouring books and playing with Barbies hair, as I got older, book, colouring books (you can't outgrow them) origami, painting beading and finally cross stitch, if I don't have something I just end up napping. Mom's the same way, she does cross words.

  4. Wow, when you say 'snow', you actually mean it!

    Great progress on Cindy - I see what you did there, leaving out all the dress-part of the page to save it for last? :D

    1. In theory that didn't work. Started on the dress yesterday

  5. Cindy is looking awesome and I love your totemic start :)

    I love snow photo's - I don't like snow itself where I live, too cold wet, slippery and muddy