Friday, 16 January 2015

IHSW hopefully

In truth it’s been a quiet week, which after last week is a welcome change. This weekend is IHSW and I hope to hangout with the NCCIH crew at least a little. I have got some work done on Cindy and the Frog and I've napped,. Which means that this is a very short blog.

As for what I watched,

The Kittens of Oz  - They are soon going to be big enough to be adopted.

Jem and the Holograms - Truly outrageous 
Doctor Who S01 E04-05

Return From Witch Mountain - An enjoyable sequel using the same kids, now teens. Tony gets kidnapped by thieves who want to use his powers for a heist, Tia to the rescue.

Cirque Du Soliel: We Reinvent the Circus. - Their first special, far more like a regular circus but you can see flashes of what they would become.

Cactus Flower - A girl (Toni)  tries to kill herself since her married boyfriend stood her up. Her hunky neighbor rescues her. Boyfriend is upset and promises to marry her as soon as he divorces his wife.  Since Toni is a nice person she wants to meet the wife and make sure she’ll be okay with the divorce.  Problem is there is no wife, boyfriend made her up to keep things simple.  Now he convinces his secretary to play the wife to reassure girlfriend, Hijacks ensue.  This is the one that won Goldie Hawn won the Oscar for, back in 1969

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies - Last week it’s playing in our theatre, so I had to take Mom


  1. Cindy is REALLY coming along! And look at Frog! As for the artwork on Hobbit...WOW. How much back stitching does Cindy require? I know there's a bit on Cindy herself...must check the pattern book :D

    1. There is a hoard of backstitching I figure an extra month of work. I am loving the simplicity of the frog, all that block stitching counteracts the "dammit can't she ever put two stitches together"ness of Cindy

  2. Nice progress, and naps are always good :)

  3. Cindy is looking wonderful as is haida frog, it's good to have 2 things to swap between to keep you sane :) It was also great seeing you on the hangout, so glad you managed to make it!

  4. Nice work!! Love the colors!