Friday, 23 January 2015

SFS January

It’s the first Stitch from Stash of 2015
Spent $0
Earned $0

Started, nothing but worked on whole bunches of stuff. This years SFS includes earning credit on your budget for finishes, but I didn’t finish anything this month, should have my frog done by next month though.
I also received my first shipment from the Silkweavers Fabric of the Month club (which does not count on SFS as it’s a subscription) and it’s gorgeous, I’m so glad I joined. I have enough patterns to last two lifetimes, and lots of floss, but I was woefully lacking in fabric, so I figured this would be the best way to build up a stash of it.
And for a bonus, the colour is perfect for my Angel of the Harvest, so perfect I’m tempted to bump it up THE LIST.
Thanks to IHSW I actually got some nice progress done on Cindy,
And the Frog has all his black, now just to put in the colour, one of the colours is listed as rust, but I think I’m going to make it red instead as that’s more common in Haida art.

As for what I watched,

The Kittens of Oz - Busy week for them, they got a visit from a school group and some of them got neutered.

Sleepy Hollow S02 E12-13 Winter season has begon

Constantine, S01 E09

Doctor Who S01 E06

Glee S02 E04-07Apparently I’m in the mood for this again

The Librarians S01- E09-10 This was the season 1 finale I really hope there will be
a season 2

Cinderella - The 1957 Rogers and Hammerstien version with Julie Andrews. Mom has so many versions, I’m not going to watch them all but it’s fun watch Cinderella while stitching Cindy.


  1. So I read your blog last night and spent a good amount of time looking at Cindy and being amazed. Then I pulled out the book with the pattern in it to check up on that question about the backstitching...then quickly shut the book and put it away. There seems to be a little bit of backstitching that will happen....the many leaves! For the most part it looks like most of it will be straight lines! Officially, I'm predicting you will be finished in May. :D

  2. Great progress on Cindy, her dress will be sooo beautiful! That fabric is amazing as well, I kind of wish I had signed up as well now...I upvote your idea to bump the angel up the list :D

  3. Fabulous fabric!!!
    Love your cinderlla! Gorgeous!!