Friday, 6 March 2015

March WIPocalypse

March WIPocalypse:  Topic: If money – and time – were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?
I love big things so time is more needed than money, I actually have several must have patterns, and HAED patterns aren't expensive I just haven’t got one yet because of that pesky time thing. But since money is part of the equation I would love to get a Chatalaine whose kits are pricey (as they should be),  especially this one: Dragonfly Lace Mandala

I have determined that work and cross stitching don’t go together well, unfortunately I need one to pay for the other. Needless to say it’s been a busy week. Hours are likely to be cut soon, I’ll enjoy the free time, but miss the really nice paycheck.
I didn’t get a lot done on Cindy,
But I finished January and February of Magical’s ornaments, just getting the pattern now for March. I did start a teeny tiny thing while waiting but I’ll wait till it’s done before I get a  picture.  So I should have four finishes  next week

As for what I watched,
 Table Top

Tiny Kittens - They are back with an all new adorable litter.

Doctor Who S02 E06-E09

Clueless - Modern day high school remake of Jane Austen’s Emma that works fabulously well. So vapid and yet, so fun.

Chocolat - I seem to have a lot of movies where the quirky or rebellious  stranger
comes to a repressed town  and changes everything for the better, this is one of them.

The Brier - Canadian Men’s curling championship.

Calendar Girls - The based on true story of a bunch of women from the Women’s Institute that decided to make a nude calendar to raise money to buy a chair for the waiting area of the local hospital and became a world wide sensation. It’s another fantastic British movie.


  1. I love Chocolate! My roommate in college showed me it because of my love for Johny Deep and she was surprised I had never heard of or seen the movie before. ^_^ Made my Mom & Dad watch it and my sister eventually bought it.

    Love Cindy progress and I L-o-v-e Chataline's charts but those specialty threads!! omg sooo pricy! one of these days I'll do one I'm sure but not any time soon.

    1. I admit I'm not a massive Depp fan, I don't mind him, just won't go out of my way to see his movies. But Chocolat is so good

  2. Still so jealous of your ability to watch curling...I've been checking and still not curling to be had here :(

    Cindy is looking so incredibly great! It's time you get her skirt done and get moving on that last page, but paycheck IS important, but so is Cindy!

    Your ornaments on black are beautiful!

    1. Women's worlds is in two weeks, and Mens is at the end of March beginning of April, hopefully you can see some them.

  3. It's a shame Cindy keeps getting put aside for work, but some things just can't be helped :( The ornaments do look amazing on black, and with the silver sparkly too!

    1. I have two, possibly three days off in a row next week, hopefully I'll get lots done then.

  4. Hmm not sure how time vanished like it did - I was going to respond to this sooner :(

    Cindy Looks more complete every time I see here - you have been doing great! The ornaments look amazing - I had never expected them to look this good on black, but they do - a great choice! :D