Saturday, 14 March 2015

Tons of Tiny - March

Being a BAP person, I knew I wouldn't have a lot for Carla’s Tons of Tiny, but then I figured I’d have 4 this week, but only ended up with one finish, work, once again, intervened.  But I did finish cute little Milton from the World of Cross Stitching Magazine #201.
 Which means I move back to Magical’s ornaments tomorrow. And there’s more curling on to stitch to, Women's Worlds has started.
I did manage to catch a couple afternoons for movies and stitching, so there was progress on Cindy.  I have now put stitches into the bottom row of the page, which is also the bottom of the pattern, happy dance ensues.
As for what I watched


Doctor Who S02 E10 to S03 E01 - A brief glimpse of Donna before the Martha season starts. Might switch to Torchwood as it’s first season slots in here somewhere.

Candleshoe - Disney had a lot of this family movies in the 70’s that I really enjoyed, but his is my favorite, Jodi Foster is a young con artist that pretends to be a missing heir in order to find treasure, of course it all ends happily ever                                                       after.

Catch Me If You Can - The fictionalized account of con artist and cheque forger Frank Abegnale Jr.  I read an article about him 20 years ago or more, which I remembered about half way through watching this the first time.


  1. That finish is really cute, I love those little flowers :) And seems like Cindy is finally starting to fill right in, yay! I need to get back to watching Dr Who, probably should put that on my watchlist next...

    1. I love Who, my mother is a long time fan, so I grew up with it.

  2. Such a cutie! And to have the bottom of the pattern appear like magic! Happy Dance here as well...One page left!! Poo on running out of one color tho but you will have that remedied today or tomorrow :D

    1. It has been remedied, my SFS budget for the month is completely shot.