Saturday, 21 March 2015

This is IHSW, and if I can convince my computer to like me, I will be joining the monthly hangout any minute now, I skipped last month, so the ‘puter better start behaving.
I finally had a quiet week at work, with lots of days off, so stitching commenced so well, that I pulled a muscle in my arm somehow, I can not explain this turn of events, and I don’t care, I’m stitching anyway.  Was going to go to a waterfall yesterday, but the weather became all blah and soggy, so maybe another attempt on Monday.
So with this time, I worked more on Cindy, almost finished this page other than the one over one, which I’ll do when all the pages are done.
And I sort of finished Magical’s ornaments, still have to put them together, just waiting for the right inspiration.
And I started the Maria Diaz design of Music. I’ve being dying to start this one, as it incorporates music and a quote from my favorite play. This has been my curling piece this week and is going much faster than I expected
As for what I watched.

Table Top - Including the uncensored Cards Against Humanity episode, could not stitch during this one as I was laughing so hard I was crying.

Doctor Who S03 E02-04 Turns out Torchwood isn't on Netflix, so on to the Martha season, she’s not my favorite companion,  she was always too jealous of Rose to be an enjoyable character, but there are some wonderful episodes within this season.

Curling - Women’s World Championships

Center Stage - Always a favorite, I love how they used  world class ballet dancers instead of actors, the acting is a bit iffy because of it, but they move right, even when they aren’t dancing.

Center Stage 2: Turn it Up - Not much of a sequel really but still a good dance movie.

A Change of Place - Kim, an art history student, takes the place of her twin
sister who is in rehab, to go to Paris as a model, if this sounds like the plot of a romance novel, that is because it is.  But I’ll let you in on a secret, I love romance novels and happy endings.

Cinderella - The new Disney one, is was so fun and charming and just what Cinderella should be.


  1. So much beautiful! And I really have to check out Cinderella!

  2. Wow, you're almost there with the page of Cindy, and then only one more plus the joy of the over one (not mentioning backstitching here, we wouldn't want to spoil the happyness now would we?).

    The ornaments still look amazing on the black, it's like a whole different design! And the music one is coming along lovely :)

    1. Mention backstitching as much as you like, I love doing it, and can't wait to start. And I too love the ornament on that lovely black fabric you sent, it is just perfect.