Friday, 23 October 2015

SFS October

I had very good spendy habits this month

Spent $0
Earned $ 14.00

I’ve worked a couple days at my new job now, the first day was essentially an extended interview to see what I knew, and apparently for me to see if I enjoyed it and fit in, which I did. I’m really happy about this turn of events, and it’s made loosing my Safeway job so stress-less. Down side of course is as figured, starting this Saturday I work 11 days in a row between the two jobs, but so much better to have the overlap that to be wondering where the next pay check will come from

Cindy seems to be moving along so slowly these days, partly because of working on the Halloween thing, partly because that one over one is so freaking small. But gorgeous .

The finish I had this month was the adorable Halloween Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin, this was the SAL and I were working on, they all are brilliant.  Most of  the rest of the NCCIH gals also did Halloween related stitching this month to keep us company.

As for What I watched

Critical Role -  Still ---And because of this awesomeness I discovered...

Game the Game - People playing board games, kind of like Table top, but live

Darby O’Gill and the Little People - An old man spends his time chasing leprechauns, it’s an old Disney movie that’s fun and charming and one of my favourites.  Also it starts a young and incredibly gorgeous Sean Connery


  1. The one over one it soon incredibly pretty!! And what a great finish!!!

  2. I'm glad your new job is working out alright, even if it's cutting into your stitching time. But your Halloween finish looks awesome and now that it's finished you should have time to add even more pretty to Cindy!

  3. Your Cindy is gorgeous! But one over one? Wow!