Friday, 9 October 2015

Work News

There’s good news and very minor bad news this week. The good - it looks like I have a new job, still in a bakery this time at a locally owned grocery store. The store that was my first choice to apply, but they beat me to it and asked me to come in for an interview. I start Wednesday very part time as I’m not quitting Safeway until it closes. One of the best parts of this is the store is less than 5 minutes drive from home, I will be taking a cut in salary, but the only way to avoid that was to get into the Vernon Safeway (which was really unlikely) and then I would have a 60km drive each way.  So the gas saved should make up for everything anyway. The bad news - for rest of the month I will be working two jobs, in other words, less stitching time, Cindy will probably go past the two year mark without being finished.

Getting really close to finishing the Halloween Sampler, just two weeks left and I have completely completed the border. Still deciding if I should make the witches face in next weeks square neon, or the subtler green called for.
Also I think I made the Ninja into a Jedi oops

As for what I watched.
Critical Role - The obsession continues

Supernatural - And thus begins season 11

The Martian - This one was truly excellent, the thing I like about disaster movies is there is a problem and they have to find a solution that usually causes another problem and repeat. I love watching people solve problem and this one did it fantastically, Also Sean Bean is in it,…. And he lives.

The Day of the Triffids - Watching a freak meteor shower leaves most of the world blind.  And carnivorous walking plants are finding the them  to be easy prey.. Less corny that you would think, a really decent horrorish movie from the ‘60s


  1. Great news on the job front - short way to work beats salary cut in my opinion, if the gas savings will make up for it you will be left with lots more time each day once the two job period is over, and maybe you'll even end up with a more reliable schedule!
    Great progress on your stitching. Is the fabric for the Halloween sampler really that pink-ish? It looked way more orange-y in previous pictures...
    I really want to see the Martian soon as well, the book was great :)

    1. The material is more orange than this shows, but there are pink highlight, and the most pink in the ninja square.